HidekiVCast Brings Virtual Talk to the World

Contact: Hideki Saito

June 8th, 2021

Issaquah, WA -- Tutinoco and Mitochon, in collaboration with Hideki Saito, brings Virtual Talk show to the world. Originally only available in Japanese language, it is gradually being migrated to include human translated English language subtitles, from which machine translation to many other languages are also made available using YouTube's functionality. With translation and engineering services offered by Hideki Saito, this collaboration enables the world to learn about many aspects of distinctive Virtual Reality (VR) cultures in Japan!

"People in Japan approach VR differently than the rest of the world, fostering an unique culture, with many regular events happening every week. I'm hoping this collaboration with Virtual Talk will provide a glimpse of a rich VR culture in Japan" says Hideki Saito regarding the primary benefit of this project.

Check out Virtual Talk at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bI-ndxYDWAYJmcsSXE2GA

About Virtual Talk

Virtual Talk is an online show available on YouTube that covers wide range of VR happenings primarily in Japan, including people and things. Hosted by Tutinoco, and Mitochon (and sometimes their son, Aki-chan!), Virtual Talk introduces many of VR worlds, events, and people to show off many aspects of Japanese VR culture. As of June 2021, there are 13 episodes covering range of VR topics.

You can follow Tutinoco on Twitter at @m_tutino and Mitochon at @mitochon717.

What is HidekiVCast?

Aiming to be a catalyst of all the things VR, HidekiVCast is a project by Hideki Saito, focusing on the following four activities:

  • Virtual Broadcasting

  • Content development for VR technologies

  • Promotions of a cultural exchange through VR

  • Research and development

Founded in 2020, HidekiVCast has been involved in the production such as a broad livecasting coverage of the events held in the VR environments, such as Virtual Market 5, Cross Market, and MIKULAND totalling more than 40 hours of contents. Furthermore, HidekiVCast functions as a ground to experiment with multi faceted exposure of the VR contents, such as 3D models, and informational materials, and currently have presence in many VR systems, including VRChat, VirtualCast and Mozilla Hubs.