HidekiVCast to sponsor Fantazumu Seven

Contact: Hideki Saito

October 24th, 2021

Issaquah, WA -- HidekiVCast will be sponsoring, under its mock-sponsorship program, sponsoring Fantazumu Seven event held in VRChat from November 1st, 2021, Japanese Standard Time. Themes in Fantazumu Seven shares HidekiVCast's principle of promoting diversities within VR as well as to enrich its experience.

During the event period, Hideki Saito, a VTuber from HidekiVCast will be providing broadcast coverage from within the event venue as a "official ambadadar" (sic) of the event, showing wide aspect of the event to deliver you the fun. Please stay tuned to Hideki Saito's Twitter and YouTube channel for more information about when this broadcast takes place.

About Fantazumu Seven

Fantazumu Seven is a event in the world created by VR Soba-house Tanabe, and Rietzscha the unit leader, consisting of 450 of "something" and imagery of "mock-sponsorship" from 206 entities, totaling 656 data. These are "fantazumu" provided by the people at large.

About HidekiVCast

Aiming to be a catalyst of all the things VR, HidekiVCast is a project by Hideki Saito, focusing on the following four activities:

  • Virtual Broadcasting

  • Content development for VR technologies

  • Promotions of a cultural exchange through VR

  • Research and development

Founded in 2020, HidekiVCast has been involved in the production such as a broad livecasting coverage of the events held in the VR environments, such as Virtual Market 5, Cross Market, and MIKULAND totalling more than 40 hours of contents. Furthermore, HidekiVCast functions as a ground to experiment with multi faceted exposure of the VR contents, such as 3D models, and informational materials, and currently have presence in many VR systems, including VRChat, VirtualCast and Mozilla Hubs.