Freely available 3D character “Micheline”

Change of license notice

As of August 10th, 2021 0:00 UTC, license is changed to CC0. As this is a change that does not restrict the users further, this change to CC0 will be applied to retrospectively. Also, it is compliant to declaration for reasonable terms of condition, ensuring that you can use this model without worries of retrospective changes that can affect your usage.

This is a, freely available 3D character “Micheline”. You may modify and redistribute this model. Please give it a try!

Great thanks to Cecil Henshin App for making creation of this avatar possible.

Licensed as CC0.

Get Micheline from the following links:

  • BOOTH (VRM Download)

  • THE SEED ONLINE (VirtualCast and other compatible platforms)

  • Vroid Hub (For a compatible platform as well as a VRM download)

  • VRChat (Obtain one from Hideki House pedestal, or clone from the users already possesses the avatar.

    • It is also compatible with a Quest. Because Quest does not currently support transparency, the public avatar version may have different styling.

  • Nikoni Rittai (VRM Download)

About a license

This character is licensed under CC0, thus does not require attributions, but introductions are appreciated.

Ways to have fun

Merchandises are also available

Hideki Saito Shop has merchandises available for sale. Introduce Micheline outside of VR as well. Please take a look!